• Sea view from Alisideri studios in Folegandros
  • Rooms with sea view in Folegandros
  • Cutting lavender at Alisideri studios in Folegandros
  • Alisideri Studios with a sea view on Folegandros
  • Alisideri Studios at the port of Karavostasis, Folegandros

Alisideri Studios, on Folegandros

From past...

Situated at the extremity of a 10.000 m. piece of land –altogether called Alisideri– this stone building of 1924 served as farmhouse to our family for seasonal agricultural works.

During the renovation of Alisideri our fundamental aim was to maintain intact the traditional architectural elements of the old house, such as the treshing floor, stone terraces, washing trough, the elevated fireplace typical in the Greek islands. Furthermore we preserved the original low-scale arrangement of construction for its functional simplicity and space economy.

...to present day.

Alisideri now consists of 4 independent studios with a total sleeping capacity of 9 persons.

All studios enjoy an open horizon and a magnificent sea view, overlooking Southeast at the Islands of Ios and Sikinos and East at Santorini Island.

A truly peaceful ambiance is to be found in Alisideri Studios thanks to the lack of adjacent properties.

Our studios are situated within walking distance from beaches and from Karavostasis, the picturesque port village of Folegandros.

The character and unique beauty of Alisideri's Studios assures quality accommodation to discerning travellers. Its unpretentious and peaceful environment guarantees a most relaxing stay.



Alisideri, Karavostasis
P.C. 84011, Folegandros - Cyclades


+30 6947203385 & +30 2286041372

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Alisideri Studios are only 10 minutes walk from the picturesque village of Karavostasis, the small harbour of Folegandros. And just 5 minutes walk from the beaches of Latinaki, Vitsentzou, and Pountaki. More...

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